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Have you decided on studying abroad? You’ve made the right choice. An education abroad can change your life and transform your career for the better.

At this early stage, you are bound to be confused about your study options abroad. You know your next big step is to find the right course and University in which to study. But you are not sure about your choices. We know how difficult a decision this is; which is why we’ve combined our technological and human resources to help you make the right choice.

Our team is backed by a sophisticated knowledge matching system that contains all the latest information on our partner universities and institutions.

Submitting your university application

Your EduGroup Arabia counselor will submit your application on your behalf.
EduGroup Arabia offices will supply the institution course application documents and institution program guides.
Our experienced counselors are here to help you compile your application and certify the supporting documents.
We can then take care of sending your application to your university or institution of choice. You may be invited to meet education institution representatives who will assess your application and determine your eligibility for the course.

Response from the institution

You will receive a response from the institution within 2-6 weeks of your application being submitted. Education institution representatives are able to assess your eligibility for the course and print an offer letter during your interview at our office or at one of EduGroup Arabia’s many international student events throughout the year.

Acceptance and payment

If there are no conditions on your offer letter that you need to meet, you may accept the offer immediately. Examples of conditions that could be specified include supplying a new IELTS test result, supplying an academic transcript of recently completed study, or supplying certified documents .

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